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5 exclusive small luxury hotels in remote destinations

Nayara hired us with the challenge of giving a visual identity to their take on hospitality.
To achieve our goal, we must capture the spirit of each hotel, its context, and its particular offer.

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– Inspired by Nature –

Visual. Emotional. Immersive.

We choose to craft a dramatical digital landscape of our own,
inspired by the suggestive movement of the jungle, the calm of the desert,
and the careful observation of every destination to inspire
an emotional connection.

— Arenal Volcano National Park. Costa Rica —


Secluded and romantic.

We chose deep green to symbolize privacy.
While palm trees move very slowly, we spot
a Perezoso bear hanging on a tree.

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— Arenal Volcano National Park. Costa Rica —


Surrounded by Rainforest

We chose olive green to match up with
the colors and exuberance of this
one-of-a-kind lush garden.

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— Arenal Volcano National Park. Costa Rica —


Clifftop Luxury Tents

We chose a light blue to represent the sky that
dominates the view. Exotic birds and butterflies
perch in palm trees, moved by a smooth breeze.

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Hub Site of the Collection.

We chose a white canvas with subtle
details to represent understated luxury
that embodies Nayara Resort’s ethos.

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— San Pedro de Atacama Desert, Chile —


Southern Desert. Stone landscape

We chose adobe-red that smoothly
blends with cactus and animals of
these quiet landscapes.

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— Easter Island, Pacific Ocean, Chile —


Enigmatic Island with an open sky museum

We chose a blue product of mixing sky and ocean.
The Moais sculptures that amazed humanity blended
with nature and ancient culture.

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Details make a stories memorable

With that belief we crafted a beautiful visual tale full of small gestures.

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Simple Words – Simple actions

Experience-driven navigation

This decision builds up the strategy of differentiating each product, telling a story with color and iconic buttons.

Immerse in each destination

We took a statement right away. Copy encompassed with visual focal points to tell our user the experience and the highlights on each product.

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– Maximalism –


We represent the Cero Kilometer police of each Nayara hotel showcasing in the Eat section header local ingredients used on their signature dishes.

Nayara Springs and Nayara Gardens are part of the Relais & Chateaux fellowship.

Point of View

We learned that the most engaging shoot angles are
those that reflect an experiential point of view.
We followed that criteria to select every showcased picture.

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The best part of both worlds

At Nayara walking paths are part of their identity. Guests love their bridges, lagoons, and hidden spots. They are home to several species that are part of the landscape. We inspired on the stone monoliths that indicate restaurants, spas, and other interest points and used them in our design.

3 locations


Websites developed during 2020

We are proud of the outcome of the joint effort with our client. We team up with Ruthy -Owner- and Connie -General manager-

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hand-crafted animated images

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