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Private House

Andalusian Farmhouse perched on the front step of the
Doñana National Park. We sought to blend the
personality of the property with design decisions to
create a site that welcomes the user with the same
warmth and attention that the owners do for their guests.

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— The Why —

Kukutana’s Story to Tell

The vision and objectives that define the project.

Unique Niche

A private residence turned high-end
property, preserving the essence of home
for families, couples, friends wanting to
get away.

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Compelling Context

The powerful family story, present in every
aspect of the stay, from Lourdes´ recipes to
daily interaction.

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Hidden Gem

A little-known area with a big future in
Andalusia: Coto Doñana, brought to life by
the local guides on hand and in-house, who
open the door to the region´s secrets.

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— The How

Design Elements
We Chose

Hand-picked and tailor-made interface
(UI) to craft in detail every aspect of the
User Experience (UX)

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— Responsive design


The voices of the family,
opening their home, and their
hearts, room by room.

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Three-Step Design

Mirrors the sophisticated simplicity of Kukutana´s essence
Sleep + Eat
Awe + Explore

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Visual Content

Hand-chosen images and video, in
collaboration with the Llorentes, to best
describe what makes the region so special
from an insider’s point of view.

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— Color Palette


A rich, unique combination that
reflects the character of the house, the
warmth of the surrounding landscape,
and the vibrancy of Andalucia.

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Calls to

Rounded buttons, elegant script
typography, and thoughtful text,
in keeping with the personality of
the family and the experience
they provide.

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— The What

The BIG Picture

The spirit of Kukutana, communicated
through design decisions to create an
instant and impactful connection
between the property and its public.

– Human Connection
– Unpretentious Luxury
– Untapped Beauty

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— What Works

Insights on Our
Side of the Story

Our clients see concrete results from our
work and share how we have re-shaped
their business.

– Statistics (increase in bookings, etc.)

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With our touch, the user´s experience goes
from a passive want to an active need, from
a “maybe sometime” to a “let´s go now”.

Where shall we go next?


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