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Luxury expedition through Galapagos islands

As part of the Relais & Chateaux fellowship,
they offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience of
7 days onboard their luxury yachts.

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They challenged us to develop a website to
inspire visitors to start this unique journey.

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– Design and Visual Language –

Instead of words, we first place a strong visual statement that shows our yachts
navigating the surface and scroll down into the unique ecosystem underneath this
part of the Pacific Ocean around the island.

The challenge to articulate the travel

A smooth journey plan through
different levels of content

Words are carefully chosen for our visitors to find
the content at their fingertips.
We crafted moments of interaction to make every
piece of information unique and compelling.

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Embark: visual highlights and interactions

We organized content in 3 milestones: Crew, Accommodation, and Cuisine.

UI design is key to showcasing extensive contents such as Ecoventura’s Crew gallery, accommodations highlights, and cuisine: inspiration pictures, blog posts and navigate through menus – arranged in a day-by-day and courses -.

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Responsive and

Immersive Design

Once in a lifetime is the claim of this kind of journey.
That’s why we add some dramatic transitions with
climatic pictures and overseas horizons.

Deep blue (brand color) helped us to fulfill our design vision.

UX to travel

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Experiential driven design

Sharp design and simple words to show in a glance
all content available as you navigate, thoughtful
UI to show Cruises features are just some of
the elements that make the difference.

Picture display

Spread your wings

Fauna is fundamental in our storytelling.

We add amazing images of the characteristic species in our design and chose to build some oniric moments, clipping, adding layers, and animation because aspiration and magic are never out of the rule when we are inspiring your next trip.

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Our journey to conversion

We already walk through all the details of this luxury expedition, carefully featured the cruises.
Now is the time to lead our users to choose a date and book their journey.

Galapagos is a very remote place. We have to tell our Travelers about weather and seasons, give them access to valuable material before their trip, tell them about flights and connections. All that was taken into consideration while building this website.
All information will get to you at the right time and place to avoid overwhelmed users.

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We look forward to work with your brand

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