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Small Luxury Hotel

A 20-room lodge with an unparalleled location inside the Parque Nacional Los Glaciares. A warm respite in the heart of untamed Patagonia, the Estancia blends luxury with all the wild elements surrounding it. We felt it was our mission to communicate the immensity of the land that lays just outside the door, along with the inner journey awaiting each guest upon arrival.

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— The Why —


The vision and objectives that define the project.


Estancia Cristina was first a home built from the ground up by a single family and through the lodge, their legend and the daily reality of pioneer existence now lives on.

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The Wild Side

Upon visiting Estancia Cristina ourselves we understood that in telling the story, the protagonist daily interaction had to be the striking power of the wind and the extremity of the natural elements all around that define both the lodge and the land.

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Patagonia Speaks

The lodge is in fact a point for connection, a bridge between the human spirit and the immensity of nature. A place through which the splendor of life outside can resonate deep inside each person who goes and lends themselves to the experience.

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— The Wow —


A user-interface (UI) loyal to both the spirit of the property and the commercial objectives, with a moody color palette that echoes the land and a focus on the expeditions that define the guest experience (UX).

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Digital Experience

Key elements:

UX / Stay + Visit that highlights the range of options.
Inspiring UI that sparks adventure.
Language that transmits the epic nature of the Estancia Cristina experience.

Brand Voice

An authentic and organic brand identity,
to match the property’s natural setting.

We observed and identified the DNA of Estancia Cristina, creating a brand identity that authentically speaks the truth of the property, one that follows the lead of its setting, changing and flowing with the organic and dynamic cycles that govern life.

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Emphasis on the geographical context.

To best represent the property’s role as a piece of local history, alive inside a preserved national park, we decided to keep all geographical references in their original language.

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Language as a gateway to the senses.

Inspired by the unceasing, epic essence of the natural experience that awaits each guest, we sought a language that is both poetic and powerful.

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The best way to communicate the immensity of the surroundings and the hues of each adventure.

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Original Content

-Themes and subjects that are unique to the property.
-Showcases the expertise and authority in their field.
-Has lead to exponential engagement / growth.

Estancia Cristina’s Instagram

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Brand Management

Each piece of content builds on the last to create a continuing narrative
and furthers our initial objective while also spurring growth.

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The spirit of Estancia Cristina, communicated through design decisions to
create an instant and impactful connection between the property and its public.

– Unpretentious Luxury.
– Untamed Beauty.
– Unhindered Connection.

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Insights on our side of the story

Our clients see concrete results from our work and share how we have re-shaped their business.

— Positive statistics (ex: increase in bookings).
— Exponential growth of the property’s base of followers on social media.
— A collection of multi-media marketing pieces that exceeded the property’s expectations.
— The willingness to keep exploring new frontiers and approaches.

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We took a walk on the wild side and found inspiration everywhere we looked.
Let us show you the way and help you along so you can enjoy the view.


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