Purpose Repurpose.

There is a school of thought in the field of Art History that came about in the 1970s which reevaluates the importance of the viewer in the analysis of art. One of the principal figures that took up the concept, Michael Baxandall, considers the viewer’s role in art. This shift in focusing on the importance of the reaction to pieces, and the interpretations that follow, also created changes in the visual aesthetic of the area. And a more fluid relationship came to be appreciated between artist and viewer, between the piece painted and the piece seen, and, as such, the meanings of each piece are based on who views them. 

The same goes for design. To design is to have a plan, to create for a specific reason.

Design is born in the mind and is then given shape. Its form is chosen, as is its style based on the imagination of its creator.

But its actual utility, the final result, is priceless. Each person who buys the product hangs the painting or hears the song, the person who pulls the string to wind it up and sets it free is the one who ultimately gives life to the design. 

Experience is Design.

Just as we leave an impression on design, so it does on us. The meaning of something is often found in the experience we have because of it. It changes the way we perceive the world, the way we do things, the way we imagine the future. These experiences stay with us as part of our emotional archive. And they inspire.

Creativity is sparked from a life lived, and ideas are born from what you see, hear, and read more than from specific formulas that speak to a solution, more than rules that are meant to create a certain result.

There is nothing more valuable to inspire design than your experience, the collection of your senses, and ingredients for inspiration. They are what form your take on the world, and make your mark on it.


We connect with our clients from that place, from moments lived that move us. The singular sensations that streak through our perception, that lodge themselves in our hearts, that give us perspective. And we use this to grasp the essence of each project we work with. We use all our senses to understand the experiences that inspire them and their guests.


Inspired by family, by time spent together, daily moments turned into timeless memories.


Inspired by nature, wild and untamed.

We connect with ourselves, with our clients, with the world, from the heart. The center from which all good things grow. We are inspired by our experiences, and they are transformed into inspiration for you.